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Overland Shipping

Service with us your personal safety taken by the slogan care about knowing where your needs to work on to achieve through our expertise in the field of road transport, we always strive to work closely with you and understand your goals and follow-up dedicated to achieve seamless access to your goods. Offer you all land transport services from the services, essential addition to a full range of optional services customizable and working to achieve the perfect balance between delivery times and amplitude and frequency and cost, and any ultimate goal was Vmt_khasso road transport in Agility are working to achieve the complete success of the chain of supply own you through their close relationship with you.

Sea Shipping

Service with us your personal safety taken by the company slogan, where experts are working maritime shipping our matching operations sailing repeated and multiple service options with your business objectives. The management of shipping experts have to work with you hand in hand in order to fully understand the needs of your business. We combine shipping basic services and a range of options to ensure that you obtain multiple spaces and the repetition rate and the prices that are in line with your goals in a timely manner, Marine experts of shipping safety in dealing with each shipment carefully to earn your trust.

Air Shipping

We offer you a team of experts who specialize in air freight to do to implement your priorities daily in terms of time, space and frequency and cost, to enjoy with us personal service taken by the safety slogan, we listen to you and work with you side by side to get to know your needs and understand your goals. It also gives air freight services and options specialist we offer additional flexibility to the supply chain of you, Whether we are taking additional measures to take care of Bhmoulatkm minute or offer you monitor real-time supply chain of you through the property tracking online, the experts air cargo security are looking to build trust their during cared Bashhanatkm.


About the company safety
Established safety of international transport on solid foundations and authentic and began operations dawn investment in Syria.
gained experience of parents, grandparents and grew and grew up in the hands of the owners of the experience and knowledge that stretched toward the approximately fifty years in the shipping and international transport between Syria and the Arab countries.
We are one of the most important operators, air cargo services, sea and land from Syria, Turkey, Egypt and Jordan to different regions around the world, and offers these services through branches and agents in different parts of the world.
our activity:
1. proud to offer our customers all the services related to freight (Barre Joey sea) and international transport.
2. We also provide full shipments of heavy cargo, equipment and factories.
3 We also provide customs clearance services for commodities and goods, and services, import and export and cargo transportation and storage.
1. that Ntboa leadership in shipping land, sea and air and international transport.
2. to become a leading names in shipping land, sea and air and international transport at the international level.
3 to contribute to the development of our country through our local service.